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Negro River Bridge at sunset (Leonide Principe)

Negro RIver Bridge

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs made from 3 merged pictures. The field process is to take the first images as normal exposition and the following ones with intentional sub-exposition and over-exposition. It is about the Exposure Bias, that is set to zero on the first image, +1 on the second one and -1 on the third one.

Then I merged the images in a HDR software (I use HDR Efex Pro from Nik).

Apparently, it is a very simple process, but I have a lot of options during my HDR workflow that could change completely the final result. I can choose an Exposure Bias of -1.3/-0.3/+0.7 for darker result or instead of that, a -0.7/+0.3/+1.3  for a lighter final image. If the range between shots is of 1 stop, I can increase to 1.3 or decrease to 0.7. This is only one from the possibilities and when I go to post-production, from Lightroom to HDR Efex Pro, the availables tools expands a lot.

I have there an ample set of techniques to express my idea… But the most important that I have to say is about the beautiful time that I spent admiring this landscape, observing the light changes, capturing every nuance and eternalize them into some millions of pixels… on my desktop, I wake on the beautiful late afternoon at the top of a 14 floors building.

File name: E31_0007_HDR_010

EXIF Summary: f/10.0 ISO400 95mm (35mm eq:142mm)

Camera Model: NIKON D5100

Camera Software: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.0 (Macintosh)

Photographer: Leonide Principe

Maximum Lens Aperture: f/5.3

Focal Length (35mm Equiv): 142 mm

F-Number: f/10.0

Exposure Program: Aperture Priority

ISO Speed Rating: 400

Lens Aperture: f/10.0

Focal Length: 95.00 mm

Image Generated: 2012:04:16 18:40:47

Negro River Bridge at sunset (Leonide Principe)
Negro River Bridge at sunset (Leonide Principe)
Negro River Bridge at sunset (Leonide Principe)




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